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Markerstudy Policyholders please see below.

Being involved in a motor accident or suffering any other loss or damage to your vehicle can be stressful, particularly when as a chauffeur driver you rely on your vehicle for your livelihood.

What to do at the scene of an accident

If you are involved in an accident, whilst at the scene you should obtain full details of all parties involved in the accident, including vehicle registration numbers, driver’s names and addresses and any insurance company details along with policy numbers where at all possible. Motorists involved in a Road Traffic Collision are obliged to provide these details under the Road Traffic Act.

It is also very beneficial to obtain the full names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident as well as using your smart phone to take photos of the incident scene and any damage incurred.

At JMB we have partnered with Platinum Assist to provide our customers with a full claims management service for all policyholders. (If your policy is underwritten by Markerstudy please see below)

Who to call in the event of an accident

In the event of an accident or incident please call JMB’s claims line managed by Platinum Assist as soon as possible and within 24 hours.
Call the JMB claims line on: 0333 103 7277 (*See below for Markerstudy policyholders)

*Markerstudy Policyholders
Call: 03330 436 473
If your policy is underwritten by Markerstudy Insurance, please call their claims team directly as soon as possible and within 24 hours. It is a requirement of their policy:

That all incidents, irrespective of any intention to make a claim under this policy, are reported on the Claims Helpline immediately or at the very latest within 24 hours of the incident discovery.

That all incidents are reported directly to experienced claims advisors without the involvement of any accident management company or third party claims handling company.

That you will ensure that the incident data from the Markerstudy Approved Camera SD (secure data) card is made available to be uploaded to the Markerstudy Claims website within 24 hours of the incident discovery by calling the Markerstudy Approved Camera Card Collection Helpline.

In the event that you fail to comply with any of these requirements your policy excess will be increased from £350 to £1250. This amount replaces both the standard policy excess for this product and any other amount(s) shown on the Schedule or elsewhere in the policy booklet (including any excesses which may be shown within the General Conditions contained in the policy booklet)

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