Does my chauffeur private hire motor policy cover me to driver other vehicles?

No, none of our policies provide this cover. You are only covered for your own vehicle as specified on your policy documents.

I am just starting out as a chauffeur- can I transfer my Private Car No Claims Bonus?

No, this has to be earned under a private hire policy. However, we do have a number schemes which will allow an introductory discount on a new private hire policy in lieu of private car bonus.

I have been driving on company car policies for a number of years. Can this be taken into consideration?

Yes, dependent on your full circumstance we can usually allow a healthy introductory discount to reflect your experience and relevant claim free history.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we offer a number of options including monthly payment plans which are subject to an interest charge & fees which we can discuss with you based on your needs

Do you arrange monthly or quarterly policies short period policies?

No, we only arrange annual polices.

If I have an accident which is not my fault will I lose my No Claims Bonus?

All insurers will initially reduce your no claims bonus where you make a claim under your policy. Once your insurers have made a full recovery of their costs incurred in dealing with your claim from a third party then your no claims bonus will be reinstated. Whilst any claim is outstanding your bonus will be reduced in accordance with your insurers no claims bonus scale.

If I make a windscreen claim will I lose my No Claims Bonus?

No, for all individual vehicle policies with a no claims bonus our insurers offer full windscreen cover subject to an excess and subject to using their approved repairers. Providing you do so then you will not lose your no claims bonus.

Do I have to declare non-fault claims?

Yes, we will ask you to advise us of any claims or incidents occurring in the last 5 years for any vehicle, even if no claim has been made, relating to yourself or any driver that you wish to insure under your policy. All claims regardless of fault must be declared as insurers would consider both fault and non-fault claims to be material information.

Can you provide a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident?

Yes, we can provide replacement licenced vehicles of a similar type to your own (including E/S/V Class Mercedes) following both fault and not-fault accidents under an additional cover arranged with Platinum Assist. Whilst we do recommend these covers they are optional and we will discuss these with you at either the quote stage or at renewal. Where cover is arranged for optional fault hire this is limited to a maximum of 14 days.

Does my private hire policy cover me for breakdown?

No, most new vehicles benefit from a 3-year breakdown cover offered by the manufacturers. However once this has expired you should think about arranging a new Breakdown Insurance policy. It is important that such a policy includes the use of your vehicle private hire as most standard breakdown policies exclude this. Please see our optional covers section for more information of our breakdown scheme for chauffeurs.

Do you offer GAP insurance?

Yes, we have a scheme for chauffeur private hire client’s operating executive vehicle such as E/S/V Class Mercedes, BMW 5/7 etc. If you would like to discuss this or require a quote, please refer to our optional covers section for more information.

Am I covered if I am injured as a result of a motor accident.

No, whilst private hire motor insurance policies provide unlimited cover for bodily injury incurred by any third party for which you are responsible, both passengers and third parties outside of your vehicle, no cover is provided for you as the policyholder or driver.
We have however arranged a scheme for Personal Accident insurance for our Chauffeurs. This provides cover based on various benefit levels for both permanent and temporary disablement. If you would like to discuss this or require a quote, please refer to our optional covers section for more information.