Vehicle & Driver Licencing

All vehicles used for the carriage of passengers for private hire must be licenced by the local authority. Each local authority throughout the UK has its own rules and procedures for carrying out vehicle licencing and any queries regarding such must be directed to them.
Most local authorities follow similar procedures and do grant certain exemptions, for example in respect of vehicles used solely for weddings &/or funerals.
In addition, many local authorities in issuing a private hire vehicle licence will agree an exemption for displaying licence plates on vehicles which they deem to be a Chauffeur vehicle rather than a standard taxi type vehicle. Again the rules vary from authority to authority and checks should be made locally.
In addition, all drivers that drive a private hire vehicle must hold a current and valid private hire licence issued by the local authority to be able to drive a licenced vehicle.


Transport for London (TFL) / The Pubic Carriage Office (PCO) are responsible for all private and public hire vehicle and driver licencing with the London area.

The Motor Insurance Database (MID)

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) holds records of every insured vehicle within the United Kingdom. The Police use this database to target uninsured motorists using Data Recognition systems with a view to prosecuting uninsured drivers. Uninsured drivers add about 10% to the motor insurance premiums on every single policy and as such all insured drivers are victims of uninsured drivers.
When you arrange your motor insurance policy your insurers are responsible for updating the MID to show your vehicle as being insured. This normally occurs within 24 hours but can take as long as 7 days.
You can check that your vehicle is shown as insured on the MID by clicking on the following link:


Claims can be stressful in particular when you are involved in a motoring accident or when you suffer any loss or damage to your vehicle for example from theft or malicious damage.
By following the advice below you are much more likely to have a better claims experience.

Report all claims promptly:
All incidents must be reported to your insurers within 24 hours. Even if you believe there is no damage or injury to you, your vehicle or to the third party you must still notify your insurers promptly. Third Parties will often come back after a short while and claim all sorts of injury or damage not evdient at the time. Do not get caught out by failing to report your claim.
Never negotiate with a Third Party
In the immediate aftermath of an accident it is often stressful and it may be difficult to maintain your usual composure. It is essential that you never admit liability to a third party nor enter into any negotiations to settle the claim either way. In doing so you will prejudice your position and that of your insurers and this may result in much higher claims untimely being paid to a third party and leaving you with a poorer claims record and higher premiums.
Never pay for or offer to pay for a third party’s losses.
Similarly, it is imperative that you never pay or agree to pay for or contribute towards the cost of a third party claim.
Third Party details
It is extremely important that you always obtain the third party details in particular name, address and vehicle registration number and ideally their insurance details whilst at the scene of the accident.
Witness details
Witness evidence is often crucial in establishing liability on disputed claims. If you are able to obtain witness details (name, address, phone numbers) that will be very helpful in establishing liability.
Use of Cameras
If you have a camera fitted to your vehicle this can provide you and your insurers with a very valuable form of independent witness by using the camera footage to help quickly establish liability. If you have a camera fitted ensure it is working correctly and is fully powered. Ideally cameras should be hard wired to your vehicle. Your insurers will want to see the footage so call them as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours to make arrangements for this to be submitted or collected as required by them.
Please also refer to our claims page for claims reporting and notifications.

Policy cancellations

In the event that you wish to cancel your policy, in the first instance please contact our office to notify us of your intentions. We will note your file and ask that you confirm your instructions in writing either by post or by email confirming the cancellation date. Upon receipt of your written instructions we will arrange cancellation of your policy. Prior to cancelling your policy we can obtain a cancellation refund figure for you from your insurers on your behalf if requested. Please note that policy cancellation cannot be backdated.
Cancellation Refunds
It is important to highlight that JMB only issue annual insurance policies and premiums will generally be more competitive than if you were to arrange multiple short period policies, such as monthly policies, over an annual period. If you require short period insurance, we recommend you find a suitable alternative insurance provider and that you do not take out an annual policy.

When you cancel an annual policy you will incur certain costs and you will receive a refund whereby the net premium you have paid for the time you have been insured will be greater than the pro-rata cost.

The following costs will apply:

Short Period Rates:JMB, as an independent broker access a panel of insurers to obtain the best terms for you based on your circumstances. Whilst some insurers offer refunds on a pro-rata basis many apply short-period rates whereby a refund will be less than pro-rata with insures retaining a greater than pro-rata premium in accordance with their short period rates. Each insurers cancellation terms will be detailed in their policy wording issued to you. Insurers may also deduct a cancellation fee. Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you wish to seek further advice regarding your policy.

Commission Clawback & Cancellation Fees: JMB will receive any refunds from your insurers on a net basis whereby insurers will claw back commission paid to us on the refunded premium. In accordance with our Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) all refunds issued to you will in turn be issued net of commission. In addition, we charge a £25.00 cancellation fee, again in accordance with our TOBA.

Optional covers: Where cover has been arranged for Legal Expenses/Accident Management, Fault Hire or other optional covers including, but not limited to, Excess Protection, Key Care, GAP Insurance or Breakdown cover the full premium is retained and no refund will be issued in respect of these policies by your insurers.

Policy Fees: JMB charge a policy fee at the new business and renewal stage as declared to you in our written quote or renewal letter. No refunds of our fees will be made.

Please also note the following important information:
In the event that you have made a claim under your policy your insurers are entitled to retain the full annual premium and in such an event no refund will be issued.
If you are cancelling your policy due to your premium being increased after inception due to non-disclosure, proof of no claims bonus not being provided or any other change to the risk the net refund will take into account any additional premium due as a result of the changes to the risk.

Premium finance

If you have decided to pay your premium by Direct Debit via Premium Credit Limited (PCL) it is important to recognise that this is a separate legal contract whereby you are arranging a loan to fund your annual insurance policy and paying this back over an agreed period as detailed in your loan agreement. If you decide to cancel your policy, you will still be fully responsible for the full settlement of the balance due on your loan. When a policy is cancelled PCL are entitled to the refund due under your policy with any shortfall being your responsibility.
Payment defaults
In the event of unresolved payment defaults PCL reserve the right to instruct us to cancel your policy in order to obtain a refund. Should we be instructed to cancel your policy we will inform you by way of a Cancellation Letter giving 7 days’ written notice of policy cancellation which will be sent to you by Recorded Delivery. When a policy is cancelled PCL are entitled to the refund due with any shortfall being your responsibility.
Important note: PCL do not issue any refund of their interest charges or fees as detailed in your premium finance agreement in the event of policy cancellation.

Mid-term changes

JMB are able to carry out a range of mid-term changes to your policy such as a change of vehicle, changes of drivers or change of registration number. A standard admin fee of £25.00 is charged in addition to any premium change. Please kindly contact us in advance of any changes so that we can ensure cover is issued at the appropriate time. Cover can never be back dated. If you email us any instructions cover cannot be deemed to be in force until such time as confirmed by us in the form of a temporary cover note or certificate of motor insurance.

Overseas travel

The general rule is that you can drive within other E.U. member states under your UK motor policy for Third Party Only cover. Private Hire insurers offer varying levels of extended cover and you should refer to your policy documents in this regard.
If you are traveling abroad in your motor vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure use and wish to have comprehensive cover then please contact our office so that we can confirm cover for you.
If you are looking to drive abroad for for private hire use, then it is essential that you contact our office prior to any trip as this will not automatically be covered and we will need to refer the matter to your insurers.

Policy documents

All policy documents are produced electronically. We will post you a printed hard copy of your annual Certificate of Motor Insurance and Schedule and email you a copy of your Policy Wording. We are also happy to email you a copy of your Certificate of Motor Insurance which you can also print if required. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your annual Certificate of Motor Insurance in your vehicle at all times. In certain authorities such as London PCO this is now a compulsory requirement.

Policy Wordings

JMB place business with a select panel of insurers. You can download a copy of your policy wording here:

Liverpool Victoria


Aviva via TFP


JMB Validation processes

Part of our role as Insurance Brokers is to validate various documents that we will request from you when we arrange or renew a policy on your behalf. We will issue you with a checklist of items required which will typically include any or all of the following:

  • A fully completed & signed proposal form.
  • Private Hire Drivers Licence.
  • Private Hire Vehicle Licence.
  • Full UK Driving Licence Photo Card-back and front.
  • Driving Licence online ‘counterpart’.
  • Proof of No Claims Bonus (NCB) or a certified claims experience or other evidence of your driving / claim free history.
  • Utility bill dated within 3 months of inception as evidence of your address.
  • A ‘gap in cover’ letter should there be a time gap between the expiry of your old policy and the start of your new policy.

If you have any difficulties in providing any of the items requested from you then please do not hesitate to contact us. Validation documents can be submitted to us by emailing us: [email protected]